Programs & Pricing

I have several different programs available, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Your first consultation will be free of charge! This is when we will discuss your experience, goals, limitations, time constraints, and get to know one another. From this discussion, we will settle on the right program for you!

I charge $30 per hourly session, with 1 session occurring per week. Those who select a package will receive a discounted hourly rate, plus a training plan to encompass the time frame of the package. These plans are flexible! If, for example, you have a marathon coming up in 18 weeks, we will come up with a plan and pricing package that fits that time frame.

With each training program, expect to run 3 to 5 times per week (including one session with me), and engage in at least 1-2 strength training sessions.

Contact me to set up your free initial consultation today!

Package # of sessions Price Description:
Trial/Single Session 1 $30 Try me out, learn some new skills!
Light 3 $87 Learn some new drills and work on breathing and form to re-energize your training!
Short 6 $168 Great for experienced runners who want race specific training for a goal race.
10 Week 10 $270 Suitable for new or experienced runners!
13.1/26.2 Standard 16 $416 Great for experienced runners gearing up for a goal half or full marathon.
13.1/26.2 Full 20 $500 Suitable for new or experienced runners looking to run a half or full marathon!

If you’ve never done strength training before, never fear! There is a wide range of body weight exercises you can perform, and I will show you how to do any I assign you!

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